Reloading – 1st Cleaning of the brass

First thing I need to do is clean the brass before I de-prime it.

Here is a before shot:

Added 30 rounds to each drum, added water and 1 TSP Lemi Shine powder:

Brass Cleaning Tumbler

Started them spinning for about an hour:

Started them spinning

I have the ultrasonic cleaner as well so I thought I would give it a shot same recipe as above, 30 rounds, 2 sets of 8 minutes with heat.

Reloading ultrasonic cleaning

Here we have the results:

Left = Ultrasonic

Center = Before cleaning

Right = Tumbler

All with only Lemi Shine. They both look good to me.

All with only Lemi Shine

Then I bake them at 150 for 5 minutes

Another shot after the first cleaning. Bottom ultrasonic, top tumbler:


Ready Set Reload – Beginners guide to Handloading

RCBS Intro to Handloading


I followed the below:

IN each tumbler drum I put:

1 ½ lb of stainless steel media (at the most)

About 1 lb of brass

Water up to the lip or just below

Lemi-shine (1/4 teaspoon)

Squirt of Dawn (enough that when you open the drum you see soap suds)

Tumble for 2 hours.

Here is a shot of the brass from above:

After using the updated method: