Picking up and Prepairing the Log

For a while, I have been wanting to make something by starting at the log. Preparing it and getting it milled. Then stacking, sticking, and drying. Then thinking of what to build and doing it.

We recently came across a Pecan log for free off Craig’s list. It was quite a nice log, about 27 inches wide and 68 inches long. We went to pick it up and quickly discovered how heavy a log that size is. We called a friend, used a floor jack, a couple 2×4’s, several straps and a second truck. We finally got it on the trailer! Sweet success:

Next up, Sealing the ends. This should be done as soon after falling the tree as possible. The folks I got it from say it was cut down in May 2012, it now Feburary 2013. I used Anchor Seal, kind of pricey at $19 a quart but everything I read said this stuff is the bomb.

I put on 2 coats, it goes on white but drys clear and has a waxy feeling to it. I was also told oil based paint will work. What ever you use, put it on before you go to the mill. It would be a real PIA to coat every piece of milled lumber.