Custom Lee Load Master Mount from Becks Armory

First off Richard Beck at Becks Armory is a great guy to work with. The mounts are hand crafted in America with quality materials. All mounting hardware except the wood screws was also included. The wood screws to mount the rear bracket to my bench are not included because the thickness of my bench was unknown to Richard. My mounts were packed VERY well and received quickly after shipment.

Richard also said he can create custom mounts based on the same design. I just need to send him the measurements. I might get one made for my RCBS Accessory Base Plate. That will be a separate post 🙂

Here is a link to directly to the bracket I got: .

Below is a quick post of what I did to get it mounted.

First thing I did was mount the brace. I used ½ inch wood screws to get the job done.

Then I drilled the bottom 2 holes from back to front.

I held the mount in front and placed the 2 bottom bolts into the before mentioned holes. Made sure it was level and marked the top 2 holes as shown above and drilled them out. Then mounted it up.

When I do it again, I will make a jig with the hole pattern and drill the holes out that way. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that till after the fact.

Here is a shot with the press mounted.

Reloading – 1st Cleaning of the brass

First thing I need to do is clean the brass before I de-prime it.

Here is a before shot:

Added 30 rounds to each drum, added water and 1 TSP Lemi Shine powder:

Brass Cleaning Tumbler

Started them spinning for about an hour:

Started them spinning

I have the ultrasonic cleaner as well so I thought I would give it a shot same recipe as above, 30 rounds, 2 sets of 8 minutes with heat.

Reloading ultrasonic cleaning

Here we have the results:

Left = Ultrasonic

Center = Before cleaning

Right = Tumbler

All with only Lemi Shine. They both look good to me.

All with only Lemi Shine

Then I bake them at 150 for 5 minutes

Another shot after the first cleaning. Bottom ultrasonic, top tumbler:


Ready Set Reload – Beginners guide to Handloading

RCBS Intro to Handloading


I followed the below:

IN each tumbler drum I put:

1 ½ lb of stainless steel media (at the most)

About 1 lb of brass

Water up to the lip or just below

Lemi-shine (1/4 teaspoon)

Squirt of Dawn (enough that when you open the drum you see soap suds)

Tumble for 2 hours.

Here is a shot of the brass from above:

After using the updated method: