Shop Wall and Ceiling work

Working on the walls and ceiling. We decided to go with 6 inch tongue and groove. Is was easy to install for the wife and me. We started in the office:

We are starting at the bottom and not going all the way up with our drywall until the ceiling is finished. We are trying to be productive with what we have on hand.


We insulated the dividing wall to help with noise reduction and climate control:

Then we started with the shop:

Ceilings complete!

Closed up the drywall in the office:

Finished up in the Shop and store room:


Still need to float and tape, but the heavy lifting is done.

Shop interior framing

We got the interior framing done. We started with the external walls:

Then we added the fire breaks: Thanks to the guys on MeWe for helping me decide to add them.

Next we added the slats to the ceiling:

We got the spray foam done in between things

Got the interior office/man cave wall built. It is 15 feet in and the entire 30 foot length.

And here is the 10×10 storage room:

Next up ceiling and ceiling

New Shop – Cement

Sorry, out of order. This was done before the skinning, I just forgot to post.

Before we get the cement poured, we need to stub in the electrical. We are ‘splicing into the barn power for this:

And then the cement was poured:

Paint Booth Setup

I wanted to build a paint booth for the shop. I wanted it to help keep over spray down and provide at least a little ventilation. Here is what I cam up with.

I had a 4×8 sheet of hard board from another project. I measured everything out and cut it up:

In the back panel I drilled out some 2 and 3 inch holes in a 20×20 square. The same size as an air filter:

I then made a frame to hold a 20×20 AC filter. Again using scrap I had laying around:

I used Gorilla tape to hold it all together. The hard board is too thin to nail and if I needed to, I could cut the tape and lay it down.

Back Side:

Lastly, I added some lights and a lazy Suzann:

Portable Air Regulator/Dryer

I wanted to make a portable air dryer/regulator for use with my paint booth, air brush or any other system that could and would move around my shop. Here is what I came up with:

Made a tee with scrap pine 1×6, glued and screwed.

Then added Harbor Freight Dryer/Regulator and coil line. Quick and easy, gets the job done.